LTR: Fabletics

Back when the exchange rate was a little less painful just over two years ago, I ordered three different outfits from Fabletics (and a bonus water bottle with my “points”).

Other than one tank top that had a mishap, I still have all of the clothes I ordered.

What wore well:  both sets of leggings.  Initially I wasn’t thrilled about the fleece lined leggings (aka the Polaris Pant) but this may have been a case of online expectations versus reality.  They haven’t pilled, are still super warm and I actually wear them an awful lot.  The Salar compression capris are also still in surprisingly good condition after a lot of exercise.

One of the tank tops also held up well – kept shape, did not pill (Muara).  Great fabric blend and a nice scoop back cut.

Both sports bras did okay, although eventually the pads warped with repeated washing and ended up tossed.  I have worn both of these a ton.

What didn’t wear well:  the booty shorts (Naru).  I still have them and wear them to bed but they pilled like crazy and changed shape even with gentle washing cycles.  The True Tank II has seen a lot of gym action but the fabric has pilled more than it maybe should have.

I’m really torn on the Pine jacket.  I still wear it and it still has a great shape but it gets a lot of the insulating white material coming out of the nylon and showed wear quicker than I would have liked.  If the quality of the nylon was just a tick higher this would be a long term favorite.

The water bottle was never a winner – always a bit leaky and not very cool looking.  Sure, it was free (with shipping costs) but…

What basically did not get worn:  the ballet top that came with the Snowmass outfit ended up being impractical to wear most of the time – the scoop was too big and it has felt like it was escaping over my shoulders.  I still have it and mean to give it one more go.

FINAL VERDICT:  I never went back to Fabletics but the pieces have stayed in my wardrobe – and in rotation – a respectable amount of time.  Of the nine pieces I ended up with, two thirds ended up wearing well.  Even the pieces that didn’t wear as well generally got a lot of use.  I probably wouldn’t revisit the subscription because (a) I don’t need more active clothes right now and (b) in the future I’d probably want to look at fitting in-store rather than guessing online, but I have no real regrets about the line.